Monday 6 March 2017

Healing Angel Art at Sanctuary Angel Gallery

This video will take you on a healing tour of Sanctuary Angel Gallery, a place of deep peace and healing. It has an insightful and relaxing commentary to help you to relax and connect with the Angel within.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Inspirational Angel Paintings for Healing

I began painting Angels about fifteen years ago. The Angels and Archangels came to me and empowered me to capture their energetic signature digitally in the for of an image; and to print it out on paper and canvas for distribution across the world.

Each Angel painting is a virtual original as I print, sign and infuse them with Angelic Energies, myself. These paintings are not mass produced but printed with loving care to preserve the high vibrational Angelic energy of the Angel artwork to help us heal.

This artwork was given by the Angels as it holds a healing vibration that helps us to re-member Who we truly are and it can be used to help to uplift humanity in these troubled times!

We are Immortal Spirits in Human form having a human experience but many of us have forgotten this. When you understand that You are Spirit, it not only makes your Life’s journey more profound, but it helps you to find your life’s purpose and your true path in the world.

This picture was taken in the entrance hall to my Angel Gallery and Healing Centre in Australia.

I offer Angel paintings for sale at my website

This is Co creation, a large digital painting by Glenyss Bourne depicting the Angelic Realms

Glenyss Bourne

Monday 1 December 2014

Vibrational Healing

"Many people are increasingly aware of, and can feel the subtle energies that surround them in their everyday life. These subtle energies whether they can be felt or not, have an effect on everybody's state of health and well being."  Glenyss Bourne

Toxic Energy Overload
Many illnesses are now being attributed to toxic energy overload. This can take the form of simple physical pollution of the air we breathe and the food we eat; or the more subtle pollution by negative earth energies, elelectro magnetic radiation or negative psychic energies. Fortunately there are many simple inexpensive ways to help to neutralize many of these problems. The first step is to become aware that these subtle energies do exist! 

Toxic Energy Overload and Children's Health
Children are often the first to be affected by these toxic energies as they are often more sensitive than adults and can feel the difference between life enhancing energy and toxic energies. Many children who have behavioral disorders are actually suffering from toxic energy overload in one form or another.
Many children can feel or see or psychic energies. This ability often diminishes as the child approaches adolescence. If the child is in an environment where there is a lot of negative emotion or the presence of drugs or alcohol, this can lower the vibration and attract negative entities. Many children have trouble sleeping or wet the bed, simply because they feel unsafe and threatened, particularly when it is dark or if they sleep in a room on their own.

Flower Essences to Uplift Energies
We have had great success in treating this type of anxiety with Flower Remedies such as Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy which can be sprayed around the room and around the child's energy field. This also helps to cleanse and seal the aura and clear negative energies. Many children who are difficult to get to bed and have trouble going to sleep, settle down peacefully if Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Remedy is sprayed over their head and shoulders and around the room before bedtime. Other children have ceased bed wetting when this remedy is sprayed in their bedrooms.

Other Flower Essences that are helpful to children are:
Fidgit Midgit flower Remedy is great for schools, kindergartens, or for use at home for harassed mums. This Remedy is useful for adults who have trouble concentrating, as well as children of all ages. It is designed to promote calmness in children and may have a beneficial effect in calming aggressive and disruptive behaviour. Sprayed in the air it can help to create a stress free environment and promote a healthy atmosphere for learning.

Trauma Remedy provides natural anxiety relief for both children and adults. It is a first aid kit in a spray and can be kept in car or bag for use in traumatic circumstances.
Use Trauma Remedy for shock, accidents, sudden illness, crisis, or trauma of any type. It can assist to alleviate feelings of apprehension, fear or just unable to cope. Trauma Remedy helps to overcome anger, fear, panic, or any strong overwhelming emotions. It can be used every half hour if necessary.

Inspirational Angel Art and Paintings Uplift Energies and Calm the Atmosphere
Inspirational Spiritual Art also helps to dissipate negative energies and raise the vibration. Even small paintings which hold an Angelic vibrational help to us to connect to our Guardian Angels and uplift the atmosphere. Angel Paintings can be placed on the wall or smaller ones may be placed on a bedside table to help to uplift and cleanse the atmosphere.
Talk to your children about their Guardian Angels and remind them to ask for angelic help if they feel anxious or uneasy. I am sure that they will feel the energies of the Angels and be calmed by their presence.

Working with the Chakras to Increase your Healing Power
Chakra Cards These Chakra Cards are amazing. They are based on Glenyss Bourne's "Angels in Nature" Flower Paintings which hold an Angelic Energy. On the reverse side is an original Chakra Mandala for each chakra which also has the vibration of the Angels embedded in it. The Chakra Cards can be used for Chakra cleansing and balancing of the Chakras in many ways. The Chakra Cards also to help to increase your awareness of the chakras in meditation. The Chakra Cards come with instructions for use.

Glenyss Bourne's Chakra Cards are becoming very popular with healers as they support the overall healing process and amplify the healing energy available during healing. They can be used in
combination with the Crystal Clear Chakra Sprays which also enhance and amplify the healing energy and balance and clear the chakras quickly and elegantly.
Set of hand made, energy enhanced Chakra Cards $35.00

These Amazing Crystal Clear Sprays were made with Angelic guidance Chakra Sprays
The Anaheart Crystal Clear Range of Chakra Sprays is designed to assist to cleanse, balance and align the Chakras.

The importance of proper function in the chakra s
ystem, and good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, has been understood for centuries.
It is believed that imbalances in the chakras, may manifest as pain, emotional and physical imbalances or blocks on many levels. This can be caused by a result of stress, p
ast emotions and experiences.
The Chakra balance range was designed to realign and energize the chakras. We have covered the seven major chakras. Discomfort and problems in various areas of the body will ofte
n relate to the chakra closest to that affected area.
Crystal Clear Chakra Bal
ance Sprays can be used to assist and maintain proper functioning in each chakra and may be used together and in conjunction with the other spiritual range of sprays to promote wellbeing on all levels.
Click here for more information about the Chakras and Spiritual Evolution

Everybody has the Power to Heal
The ability to heal yourself and others by accessing healing energies from the ethers, is an inate Human ability. We all have it! All we have to do is rediscover and awaken these abilities. Meditation and other Spiritual disciplines, which help to connect you to your Spirit, are often the catalysts which open the pathways to these abilities.

To read more about Spiritual evolution and raising your vibration click here
Reiki as a Pathway to Healing
Reiki is one of the most popular and easiest way to provide both a means to connect to your Higher Spiritual Self, and the ability to heal yourself and others. While it is not absolutely necessary to learn Reiki in order to become a Healer, it certainly strengthens any innate healing abilities you have and also offers protection to the newly developed Healer. To find out more about Reiki Click here.

Make Colloidal Silver for cents per liter with an a simple affordable portable Colloidal Silver GeneratorColloidal Silver puts the Healing Power Back in Your Hands.
Silver in a colloidal form disables many bacteria and viruses . It can be made for very little cost in your own home using a Colloidal Silver Generator. To find out more about Colloidal Silver Click here

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Tuesday 4 December 2012


Angel's Eye View painting by Glenyss BourneConfused by all the many different versions of the dynamics of ascension? Well here is a simple way of understanding what is happening, in practical  terms.
The word “Ascension” is, itself, confusing, as it implies that we have to ascend to a higher dimensional level; but what if Heaven is coming down to us?
The concept of “The Veil” is well understood by most people. It is “The Veil” that causes us to forget our dream experiences in 4D when we reawaken to the 3D world; we have shifted dimensions and suffer from interdimensional amnesia. It is the same when we are reborn and forget the experiences of the higher dimensions and our past lives.
But “The Veil” has appeared to be thinning  during the past year or two. This is because we are gradually raising our collective vibrational frequency,  so it appears to us from our perspective, as if 4D is beginning to descend and interpenetrate with the 3D Plane.
We are beginning to experience the phenomena of the 4D “Astral Plane” in the 3D world. More and more frequently, people are seeing “Orbs” with the naked eye, which used to only appear in photos. This is the way spirit beings appear. Sometimes a figure can be seen within the orb. Many more are seeing bright lights, Nature Spirits, Angels and manifestations of Light Beings, and the Star Brethren and their craft.
Eventually, as this interpenetration progresses, we will begin to experience events in 5D, and we will have “Ascended” to 5D !
It is only those that have chosen to ascend (consciously or unconsciously at Soul level) and are raising  their vibrational frequency, that will experience these 4D and 5D manifestations. Those that have chosen not to ascend, will continue to experience the 3D world as before.
Lord Sananda via Rananda on 2nd December 2012.
Love and Light from Rananda.  X.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Awaken Your Angelic Self!

This is a new high vibrational video featuring inspirational energy portraits of the Ascended Masters. I have been working on for about a year and it is only now that I was able to finish it.
It is designed to help to raise your vibration and to transport you to Celestial States of Being,
 It features Miranda Ravin’s beautiful high dimensional music and my energy paintings of the Ascended Masters. I do hope you enjoy it!
  Relax, let go and take a few minutes to relax with beautiful 5d music and Angelic paintings and remember that You too are powerful Spiritual Beings.
"When you feel down and your courage is tested, remember Who you really are.
You are not just this body, You are not just this mind; but much, much more.
You are an Immortal Soul and Your playground is the Universe and you have CHOSEN THESE EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR OWN GROWTH!
Look beyond the experience to the Gift it contains."
© Glenyss Bourne