Spiritual Protection

It is always a good idea to begin any meditation or healing session by asking the Creator and the Beings of the True Light for Spiritual protection at the beginning of each session. The prayer of protection shown here is a good place to start; you may evolve your own prayer in time.
Bear in mind that drugs and alcohol can interfere with this pure connection.
If you try to connect while these substances are present you are
likely to connect to the realms of darkness and deception.
This may present at first as a pleasant experience, but it is a deception and is likely to have most unpleasant results.
Spiritual Protection, and Raising the Vibration If you seek to communicate with the true beings of light, life, love, creation and compassion is necessary to ensure a right and strong connection to the Light.

Protection from darkness and deception is a must. You must intend only to connect to the True Light. The suggestions below will help you to raise your vibration for closer contact with the higher Healing Energies:

Regular spiritual practice including the following:
Concentrated intent on ONLY the true light beings.
Knowledge of spiritual glamor and discernment to filter out darker beings of deception.
Regular meditation with pure heart and intent.
Knowledge of your own free will.
Holding utmost integrity and respect for us, the True Light Spirit Beings.
Concentrated intent for truth and purity.
Respect for Divine law.
Honesty and integrity in all actions.

Raising Your Vibration 
Meditation is a simple way of connecting to your own Spiritual Nature. My Angelic guides helped me to make several meditative videos using their images especially for those who have trouble meditating or with relaxing. They are effortless ways to simply connect with spirit and to raise your vibration and help children to relax, especially before bedtime. The videos are on the video page. This is the latest video in the Angel Art Series.
Inspirational Angelic relaxation video featuring the Angel Art of Glenyss Bourne and the blissful music of Lucinda Drayton. Angel paintings are available at www.anaheart.com