Uplifting Videos

 Easy Visual Meditation to Help to Relax and Uplift the Spirits

This video was produced with Divine Guidance, to help to relax and heal the Body, Mind and Spirit

Sit quietly, take three deep releasing breaths and start the video. It will help to trigger remembrance of yourself as Spirit; and effortlessly take you to a place of peace and healing. Sit quietly for a few minutes to allow deep healing to take effect.

The ancient Sanscrit mantra Om Namah Shivaya is one that everybody can use to raise their vibration and to increase their healing abilities. I can be repeated silently in meditation or anytime in your everyday life to enhance wellbeing.
Angel Paintings and Mantra cd's with six different mantras are available from the Anaheart website.

 Angelic Meditation with the Mantra of Devotion 
 Feel the deep Peace and Tranquility that descends upon you as you watch this meditation video; and become aware of the Angels who nurture,  Love and protect you always. It features my Angel Art and the Angelic voice of Rhonda Christene (Swami Devamaya) who composed the music. The music is a simple and enjoyable form of meditation where Sanscrit Mantras are chanted, called Kirtan.
The Angel Art and music (Kirtan) are available on my website.

About Kirtan
"Kirtan has a potent quality which gives solace to the sufferings of humanity. In our modern age of constant stress, strain and tension, kirtan has a key role to play in tranquillising the fluctuating tendencies of the mind. Just as a mother can give peace to her troubled child, similarly, kirtan tranquillises the oscillating mind and makes the heart pure and innocent." Devamaya
The Angel Art and music (Kirtan) are available on my website.

 One Hundred Thousand Angels Angel Art Relaxation Video

This is an inspirational Angelic relaxation video featuring the Angel Art of Glenyss Bourne and the blissful music of Lucinda Drayton. Angel paintings are available at http://www.anaheart.com


Eternal light Meditation Video

Feel the Divine LOVE emanating from this deeply peaceful meditation!. This video will transport you to the Heavenly Realms and help you to remember that You are Spirit!
Visionary Angel art by Glenyss Bourne is available at www.anaheart.com 

The Compassion of Christ Visual Meditation Video

I was guided to begin to make this video last Thursday for Easter. I have just put the finishing touches to it and uploaded it to YouTube.It features my painting of Jesus which emanates the divine light of compassion and Unconditional Love. Open your heart and allow the high vibrational Light to lift your Spirit. If you watch the image of Jesus carefully you will see his aura light up and the expression on his face change, as he seems to look deeply within to the core of your Being. 

  The digital painting of Jesus can be purchased at http://www.anaheart.com/gallery.php?t=6&n=7. Watch in full screen mode.