Thursday 8 January 2015

Inspirational Angel Paintings for Healing

I began painting Angels about fifteen years ago. The Angels and Archangels came to me and empowered me to capture their energetic signature digitally in the for of an image; and to print it out on paper and canvas for distribution across the world.

Each Angel painting is a virtual original as I print, sign and infuse them with Angelic Energies, myself. These paintings are not mass produced but printed with loving care to preserve the high vibrational Angelic energy of the Angel artwork to help us heal.

This artwork was given by the Angels as it holds a healing vibration that helps us to re-member Who we truly are and it can be used to help to uplift humanity in these troubled times!

We are Immortal Spirits in Human form having a human experience but many of us have forgotten this. When you understand that You are Spirit, it not only makes your Life’s journey more profound, but it helps you to find your life’s purpose and your true path in the world.

This picture was taken in the entrance hall to my Angel Gallery and Healing Centre in Australia.

I offer Angel paintings for sale at my website

This is Co creation, a large digital painting by Glenyss Bourne depicting the Angelic Realms

Glenyss Bourne

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