The Path to Healing

Simple yet powerful methods to clear and cleanse your environment and protect yourself and others from negative energies; and to access and uplift your own healing abilities.

There are many paths to healing, the most powerful approach to acessing your own healing power is to find the power and knowledge within yourself to access your own healing gift, and in humble acceptance of this healing gift to share it with others.
The secret is to realize that you are not doing the healing, it is merely coming through you from a higher source. For this to work properly you must let go of ego thoughts and allow the higher consciousness to work through you. All you need is compassion and love, and the desire to assist another soul towards self realization while in the physical body.
First of all you must connect to Spirit.

Connection to Spirit
When you are connected to your Higher Self – your Spirit Self, that Self that endures beyond the realms of the physical, that which is Eternal, that which is Divine. When you are connected to this Higher Self, your journey on the Earth plane becomes clear, answers are always there for you and your path is clear.
Remembrance of Spirit
Remembrance of yourself as Spirit and complete belief, faith and knowledge of this truth is necessary for this connection.
Many spiritual disciplines have been developed to facilitate this connected-ness, however each being must ultimately find their own connection.
The aim of most spiritual practices is ‘Self Realization; that is to experience yourself as a Spirit and to live your earthly life in this state of connection.
How to Connect to Spirit
Here is a simple way to begin your connection to Spirit. First of all ask to be connected to the divine, the Light, the Great Spirit, the Creator whatever is comfortable to you.
Your breath is a vehicle for the Light. Breath in the Light of the divine and breathe out any negativity from the body-mind visualize this or feel this in any way you can. You may wish to breathe in white golden light and breathe out and darkness. Concentrate lightly on this and you will raise up in vibration and your connection will deepen.
At first you will do this meditation in your imagination and then you will feel it more deeply as you enlighten your body with your breath.
ighten your body with your breath.
Healing with Unconditional love
While in this higher dimension you may communicate with the Beings of Light who are connected to you, who help you on your Spiritual Journey.
This connection to Spirit will be also felt in the emotions as a great and overwhelming feeling of Love will envelop you; and you will feel your self sending Love to them.
While in this higher state of being you may ask for whatever it is that you need, both for yourself and others. Place your hands over any area that needs healing, and allow the energy to flow. All human beings have the inate capacity to heal.

Everybody has the Power to Heal
The ability to heal yourself and others by accessing healing energies from the ethers, is an inate Human ability. We all have it! All we have to do is rediscover and awaken these abilities. Meditation and other Spiritual disciplines, which help to connect you to your Spirit, are often the catalysts which open the pathways to these abilities.If you ever out of your depth when you are healing, call upon the Angels and Archangels to help and they will be there with you!.