Tuesday 4 December 2012


Angel's Eye View painting by Glenyss BourneConfused by all the many different versions of the dynamics of ascension? Well here is a simple way of understanding what is happening, in practical  terms.
The word “Ascension” is, itself, confusing, as it implies that we have to ascend to a higher dimensional level; but what if Heaven is coming down to us?
The concept of “The Veil” is well understood by most people. It is “The Veil” that causes us to forget our dream experiences in 4D when we reawaken to the 3D world; we have shifted dimensions and suffer from interdimensional amnesia. It is the same when we are reborn and forget the experiences of the higher dimensions and our past lives.
But “The Veil” has appeared to be thinning  during the past year or two. This is because we are gradually raising our collective vibrational frequency,  so it appears to us from our perspective, as if 4D is beginning to descend and interpenetrate with the 3D Plane.
We are beginning to experience the phenomena of the 4D “Astral Plane” in the 3D world. More and more frequently, people are seeing “Orbs” with the naked eye, which used to only appear in photos. This is the way spirit beings appear. Sometimes a figure can be seen within the orb. Many more are seeing bright lights, Nature Spirits, Angels and manifestations of Light Beings, and the Star Brethren and their craft.
Eventually, as this interpenetration progresses, we will begin to experience events in 5D, and we will have “Ascended” to 5D !
It is only those that have chosen to ascend (consciously or unconsciously at Soul level) and are raising  their vibrational frequency, that will experience these 4D and 5D manifestations. Those that have chosen not to ascend, will continue to experience the 3D world as before.
Lord Sananda via Rananda on 2nd December 2012.
Love and Light from Rananda.  X.

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